Seasons of Change

Seasons of Change


Did you know that thoughts affect both our emotional health and our physical health?

  • Thoughts that trigger stress, anger, and fear contributes to 75% of all illnesses and diseases 
  • Thoughts rooted in fear, all on its own, triggers more than 1,400 known physical and chemical responses in our body
  • Toxic thoughts generate toxic waste and are leading causes for: diabetes, cancer, asthma, skin problems and allergies 
  • Thoughts come from beliefs and directly impact actions and lifestyle
  • Therefore, what you think impacts peace of mind and productive work life (1)
  • Mindset matters!

Each topic in Seasons of Change, provides the reader with the tools needed to embrace their unique identity with peace and confidence. Each journal activity elicits the courage to step out of the normal and live from a place of authentic peace. At every encounter the reader discovers who they are created to be and how to move toward all they dream of accomplishing. 

This journal is an effective tool for healing and wholeness. It contains responsive opportunities to creatively apply healing concept through journaling, drawing, art work and pictures. Space is provided within each topic within the book itself. Each topic is based on lessons the author learned as she walked her own journey to authentic peace and wholeness. Anne’s successful completion of her journey is why she is now known as a Mindset Identity Coach. 

Seasons of Change:

  • Encourages a steps into identity and purpose
  • Gives practical ways to embrace the journey, past and present
  • Provides tools to improve focus and mindset
  • Brings peace, freedom, and abundant living into each day
  • Removes the “should of”, “could of”, “would of” from self-talk
  • Replaces the conversation replay that plagues and distracts 


(1)Dr. Caroline Leaf,

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