Regular ice cream or Supreme?

Regular or Supreme?

Growing up on a mountain lake in the summers was an adventure. But nothing challenged my sense of adventure like that question.

Regular scoop of ice cream or Supreme? Supreme was a creative expression based upon the server’s choice of what was in the pantry. Somewhere deep inside me it spoke to my identity. Was I adventurous enough? Or was I plain-jane vanilla? I longed to be a supreme adventure kind of girl.

I’m there now but looking back I realize the dynamic involved letting go of what’s safe and being willing to have fun with a [relatively] harmless adventure. Ice cream was one of many summer adventures.


Why letting go is hard

The obvious reason is control, but the deeper issue is trust.

Logic says everything in the pantry is edible. My heart questioned whether I could trust my friends. Somehow the thought of bizarre goop on my ice cream became a trust issue. (I’ve come a long way since then!)

Sometimes Jesus calls us to let go of what is safe and predictable in order to go on an adventure with Him. This can happen in careers, especially when they change, or in letting go of a bad relationship, even on a vacation. One vacation we decided to go parasailing. It was a combination of thrill and terror (I forgot about my fear of heights).

The only way to know Jesus intimately is to trust Him. Trust that He has a plan. Trust that He will bring something amazing, rich, fun. The only thing Jesus asks is that we trust Him. Trust that His heart toward us is good. Trust that He will never leave us.

We can’t move forward in faith or in an abundant (happy, prosperous) life unless we examine our hearts ability to trust Him.

Some areas of our lives are easier to trust to greater degrees. Others are harder. One way I have been able to gain ground here is to find one thing in my life to hold fast and trust Him for. While I wait, I worship (not worry), I remind myself, and Jesus, that I’m trusting Him. And I get busy doing something else, something that needs to be done, or something fun and adventurous. EVERY TIME, literally, each time I do this, within days it’s all worked out.

Our gain when we trust a little more? Deeper friendship with the Lover of our souls, peace of mind, joy, and freedom. EVERY TIME.

Today, try this:

  1. Worship more.

  2. Worry less.

  3. Let Jesus have one thing today.

  4. Write it on a paper and give it to Him. He will direct your steps to work everything out. This is His promise.

On the journey with you,


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