Have you lost your mind - Part 3

Following my recent blog posts about our mind and taking our thoughts captive, here is the next in this little life changing series. A few days into the process of threshing every thought to weed out the healthy, fruitful from the destructive, once again I heard my mother’s voice in my thoughts. Apparently she was wiser than I gave her credit for.

Anything in extreme is not healthy.

Some of you may think it’s super-spiritual to begin your day with Jesus. To be honest, it’s a survival issue for me. My days begin with the determined attempts to begin each day on good footing. The older I get the more important it feels, especially on this faith/life journey to life the life God created me to live. It’s important to me to get some traction in my faith. In this season, it’s about my thought processes.

God gave me this brain; the problem was it had slowly become corrupted and after decades my thought process and belief systems spanned from one-off to completely dysfunctional. In my opinion, everything needed to be examined if this God-given brain was going to work more productively and help me move in the direction of my destiny.

Take every thought captive… 2 Corinthians 10:5

It takes a lot of energy to do this. You must focus, analyze, weigh against the nature and character of God. You must be determined!

Remember the one-off thought process? This right here is one-off thinking. The end goal is on target: to use the mind God gave us to think more like God. There’s nothing wrong with that. But the process isn’t healthy. It’s bad application of good biblical scripture.

Good scripture filtered through bad thought processes leads to bad theology that steals our destiny.

When it came to me that the threshing every thought was still part of the problem, I had a choice. I could give up, defeated, discouraged that once again I wasn’t smart enough to get it right. Or I could course correct (not for the first time) and try again. It seems like a no-brainer, but how many of us give up instead of learning and course-correcting? Just sayin’…

Here are 2 big reasons why the “threshing every thought” isn’t a good idea.

First, you always find what you’re looking for. Always. If your looking for problems, for mistakes, errors, it is a fact that you will find something. If you’re always looking for how far off the mark you are, it’s the miss you’ll see. Most likely you will end up discouraged by how far off you landed. But God sees how close you made it. He gets excited! His heart for you is to be encouraged by how close to the mark you landed. Looking for the problems will always net you the problems. Yet, isn’t that counter-productive to the self-improvement process? Personally, I’m an advocate of celebrating progress, not failure.

Second, God is always for us. Holy Spirit convicts us into righteousness (right relationship), not into condemnation. Holy Spirit, our Counselor, Helper, Teacher, Guide, is standing by to course-correct our thoughts into the direction God designed them to go. Wouldn’t it be wiser and more productive to let Jesus decide which thoughts need to be threshed? Goodness, yes!

Threshing our thoughts is still an excellent idea. Let’s just let Jesus decide which ones need threshing, and let Holy Spirit lead us into right thinking.

Will you join me today? Take a deep breath, relax, and pray this prayer with me. Make it your own.

Father God, You tell me that I have the mind of Christ, but when I’m [stressed, fearful, unsure] I struggle to make decisions that get me to a better place. I am willing to take my thoughts captive to obedience in Christ, but I need Your help.

Lead me in peace today. Remind me of your constant presence as I go throughout my day. When I am calm, I can feel You with me. When I know You’re with me, I can better sense the thoughts that are from You.

Holy Spirit, today when I am [stressed, fearful, unsure] will You give me the creative thought, the supernatural wisdom, the powerful solution. I trust where You lead me, because You follow Father God’s heart for me. In Jesus Name. Amen.



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