The Secret Behind Comfort Food


Okay, it’s January 2nd. Here we are again with a timely chance to start over. How are you feeling about that? Me, I’ll be honest with you. I am overwhelmed. Where is that hope and excitement I had last week?

It’s cold outside, my mind is on overload with an online course I’m taking, and I need some comfort food.

What is your comfort food? For me it’s potato chips, a specific brand. It meets my needs in a big way.

But the truth is, when we are overwhelmed, frustrated, or discouraged, we need more than potato chips.

We need hope.

The secret behind comfort food is that it points to an area we need hope. It’s a secret because the real need is behind the need for comfort food. This time of year it could be the most valuable secret we have.

For decades I never understood this secret. Hope wasn’t anything more than wishful thinking. It wasn’t where I went when I needed comfort. When I needed hope, I needed more than a wish. I needed something concrete, something with solutions. Until a few years ago, hope seemed like wishful thinking, and I never was able to get traction in my life and my faith. Maybe you can relate.

Hope is more than wishful thinking.

Hope is more than wishful thinking. Hope is a decision to trust in something we don’t see in the moment. My hubs, The Chemist, says it this way, “Trust is a decision. Confidence comes with experience.” Does that encourage you as much as it encourages me? Hope, the decision to trust, is not a wish, it is not a Pollyanna mindset. Hope is a choice. We get to choose to hope, and to choose what/with whom we place our trust.

It’s my firm belief that a lot of us need hope because we either don’t know who we are, or we have a momentary lapse of memory and have forgotten. When we know who we are, and we actively live that out, a lot of our circumstances can change surprisingly quickly.  When it’s a job situation, people respond differently when we know who we are. It’s a confidence deal. When it’s a relationship situation, we have stronger boundaries because we know who we are. Even our communication can be enriched and more effective when we are walking in our identity.

Here are some thoughts which may help you shift your mindset.

1.       What is your comfort food, and what is driving you to dive in? (Name that feeling?)

2.       Why are you feeling that way?

3.       What would it look like to put a little hope in there?

I adore you! Thanks for visiting today!

This is what I do. I help people find hope in their circumstances.

If you want more of the gold, here’s a little Identity Tip to give you a little hope today.

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