part 2 Dreams & Learning to Thrive

There are two ways to look at life. Grab everything it has to offer, or let it take everything out of you.

For many years I worked and labored at life. Subconsciously I was going through every day just trying to survive. I wasn’t even aware of my mindset. It was where I started my day, where I ended my day, and I had no idea there was anything else.

There are several reasons why this happens to us, that we don’t realize there are other ways of thinking and living. For most it is a subconscious need to protect ourselves, to manage our circumstances in order to stay safe. The reasons may vary, but the effect is there.

We were not created to live this way. We were designed to have a fulfilling, abundant, joyful, adventurous lives. If you are familiar with God, heaven, and the history of evil from a biblical perspective, this doesn’t need much explanation. There is an enemy of our soul who determines to keep us from living that abundantly joyful, fulfilling life. It is his aim to kill, steal, and destroy our destiny and our dreams.

But God. But God made a way. We get to choose.

When I realized I didn’t have to let life suck the life out of me my whole world changed. Use any metaphor available; they all work.

  • The lights came on
  • The curtain lifted
  • The fog cleared

When the lights come on we can see the truth of our circumstances. The day the lights came on for me I saw that God may a way and it was real. It wasn’t just a story. Jesus came, died, rose again, and sent himself in the form of Holy Spirit to be my:

  • Guide
  • Counselor
  • Comforter
  • Helper
  • Teacher
  • Source of joy, peace, rest, love, patience
  • The power behind the grabbing all life has to offer.

I believe there are two basic reasons we do not get traction in our faith walk, why we continue to live like life is sucking the life out of us. First, the lights haven’t come on yet. Second, we haven’t utilized the Helper we’ve been given.

It takes work to remember we have a helper. There isn’t anyone on the planet alive who doesn’t have opportunities every day to tap into that Helper. Sometimes we beat ourselves up for still struggling with this process. It’s okay. It takes time and practice. Just don’t give up.

Today, when the next opportunity arises to steal your joy, kill your dream, destroy your desires to dream big, remember it took a while to turn the Titanic around. But don’t stop. You have a Helper. And He is ready, willing, and very able. Just ask Him. He is given to us to help us connect with our dreams and see the resources we need to walk them out.


You're Free To Go

Goals, Dreams, & Learning to Thrive