Goals, Dreams, & Learning to Thrive

Everything I’ve ever known is changing.

Tools that I’ve always used to meet my goals are now proving ineffective.

The truth is my goals aren’t all goals. Some of them are dreams. Pursuing dreams require a unique set of tools. The path for goals and the path for dreams are parallel, but not the same. I am learning this.

Dreams are gifts that are built into our DNA.

They are placed deep within the heart of our soul. They are God-sized dreams because they are God-given dreams. As we go throughout our lives, day after day, month after month, and as the years come and go, we encounter opportunities to engage with those dreams. At some point there is a shift, an awakening. At that moment, our spirit, mind, and heart all engage and notice the glimmer of a dream.


It’s like a seed. It is the moment when our mind engages with our dream and looks at the future. What will this look like when it grows and bears it’s fruit? What does it need to grow? All the questions surrounding a seed surround this glimpse at a dream.

Another way to look at dreams it to compare them to the parable of the talents. We have received them from our King, and He expects us to use them, invest them, spend them wisely, for the purpose of furthering His kingdom. When we bury them, this is not good. We lose them. As we use them wisely, we are given more.

At that moment we have a choice. What will we do with it? Put it away for later, or put it away forever? Will we keep it out in the open and explore it more.

But here is the paradigm. Many of us have shattered dreams. We have stepped out into that space and when it fell apart we suffered. There can be fallout from a shattered dream.

Some of us have never dreamed. Sometimes in life our circumstances don’t allow us the luxury of dreaming. In order to survive dreaming isn’t an option.

We were not designed to merely survive. We were created to thrive. Thriving requires dreaming.

Let's Come Alive.

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part 2 Dreams & Learning to Thrive

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