The Chaos That Brings Peace

It has been a year’s worth of a month!

I hear from so many others who are experiencing the same. Chaos. Drama. Distraction.

  • It comes in volume.
  • It comes in quantity.
  • It comes fast and forceful.
  • It comes in unexpected places.
  • It comes in intimate places.
  • It comes and comes and comes.
  • An hour can seem like a day.
  • A day can seem like eternity.

Especially when we are hurting.

In December my hubs and I began a journey to walk in peace. Little did we know how significant that early start would be today.

The other day I was a mess. I could barely talk, so I didn’t. When I did open my mouth I cried. I was leaking mess all over.

In the midst of all the chaos in my mind (you know when your thoughts are consumed with the chaos and mess around you; and you feel like you’re drowning in the thick of it), in the midst of the chaos, I was able to finally utter a quick prayer.

“Jesus, help me find your peace.”

As I sat in a room waiting for a meeting to begin a woman came up to me. She put her arm around me and said, “Anne, whenever I’m near you I feel God’s peace. You leak peace out of every pour of your body.” She squeezed my shoulder and smiled. She had no idea. I choked out a thank you and mentioned something about how timely that was.

The next day another friend gifted me this lovely ceramic dove wall piece.



A couple of things stand out to me for us today.

  1. We often don’t feel the one thing we long for, but others do.
  2. We often have the exact thing we are longing for, we just need ask Jesus to help bring it to the surface.
  3. We need each other. We need them to listen to the Lord’s whisper, tell her this, give her that.
  4. We are designed to walk in peace, despite our circumstances. We need our communities of believers to remind us, to encourage us, to be bookends for us, until we are back entered again.

Jesus didn’t promise a problem-free life. He promised an abundant life. How will we know abundance unless we see lack? How will we know peace unless we see discouragement, fear, and sadness?

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid. John 14:27 esv

It’s so tempting to do life the way the world does, especially if that is all we know. Jesus taught us a new way. Because every circumstance is a little different, it’s hard to get a handle on a plan, a process to follow. I believe in the matter of peace in the chaos, the plan is to simple call on Him. He said He leaves us peace. He baptized us in His Spirit, who gives us peace.

How am I walking out peace in my stressful, overly dramatic circumstances?

I am calling on Jesus. Asking Him to bring up His peace inside me. Asking Holy Spirit to lead me back into peace. It’s not mystical, it’s practical. He gives, and I get to receive. I have His peace inside me. I get to choose what I think about. His peace, or my stressors, frustraters, dramatizers? This week He sent me reinforcements in the form of my 2 friends. I am so grateful for them both.

I choose Him. I choose peace. I choose grateful.

LIve with purpose on purpose.


Live With Purpose and Own Your Year