The One Thing You Need To Know About Balance

A life can be in perfect balance, but not be a perfect life.
We constantly strive for balance, but we often misunderstand it.
Balance can never happen on its own.

My husband, the Chemist, is always striving for balance, or equilibrium as he likes to refer to it. I’m still not completely sure what he means, but I am beginning to understand what a life of balance looks like. My understanding of balance is growing, and the more I understand, the more I realize it’s far from perfect. A balanced life might be more accurately described in terms of excellence.

Balance is not equality.

Balance is not
… equality. A balanced life does not intentionally allocate time to work, children, spouse, and activities.
… achieved in isolation. In order for balance to be in play, there must be more than one object on the scale.

How do we maintain balance in our lives and our work? What is the one fact that can help us achieve this unseen thing we strive for? I believe the one thing is so simply basic that we often overlook it.

I believe the one thing that brings balance in our lives is tension.

The one thing that brings balance in our lives is tension.

When two or more things are weighted against each other, it is the tension between them that creates the balance. Balance is constantly monitored and adjusted. As forces come against the things in the balance, adjustments must be allowed in order to maintain the balance.

Therefore to keep our lives in balance, we must remain focused, acknowledge outside forces that come against us, and constantly monitor and adjust.

In seasons of our lives when we have heavy work demands, we must monitor and adjust our personal schedules. In seasons when family demands are numerous, we must adjust our work schedules. Balance is an action. It’s a way of life. Balance is managing ourselves, so that things don’t manage us.

My mother liked to say, “Blessed are the flexible, for they shall never be bent out of shape.”

Be blessed.

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