The Sun is Always Shining

If you were the sun... something that is designed to remain constant in providing heat, light, and growth, how would you respond to the weather?

It’s a matter of focus. Is the sun ever freaked out by the storm? It just keeps shining. Circumstances in our lives can become distracting and even overwhelming. When we respond to our circumstances out of anything other than our identity we can easily get derailed from our peace, prosperity, and productivity.

When we respond to our circumstances out of anything other than our identity we can easily get derailed.

Any unmet need can cause us to respond from an unhealthy place. Being grounded in our identity will help keep us strong and consistent in our actions and reactions.

Unmet needs can come under a sense of acceptance and belonging, the need for love, the need to feel satisfied and successful at our work, and even the need to be spiritual. We are triune beings, so our needs can be physical, emotional, or spiritual. They can create casual and occasional challenges, like trees and clouds occasionally block the sun. They can create more significant impact, like wind that leaves the sunlight, but takes away the warmth.

  • What are the trees in your life? Maybe it’s people or situations that cause us to question ourselves.
  • What are the clouds in your life? They could be expectations we put on ourselves, the results of our efforts, and when those expectations aren’t met, we might question our credibility.
  • What are the winds in your life? Wind can leave the sunlight, but remove the warmth. These circumstances can cause us to become distracted from who we are and what we are doing. We might focus more on how we feel (cold) and less on who we are.
  • What are the rains, snow, hail in our lives? These weather circumstances can cause serious postponement of our work, they can keep us from living from our identity for long periods of time.
  • What are the tornados, hurricanes in your life? These very serious weather events cause destruction, evacuations, and even death. In our lives these circumstances might cause us to quit, give up completely, and not be our true selves, not finish the work we’ve begun, the work we find joy and purpose in.

What to do about the weather.

  • remember who you are
    1. go back to your identity scriptures
    2. go back to your identity statements
  • gather your encouragers around you
  • get prophetic prayer
  • seek wisdom and understanding in prayer, with your encouragers
    1. change of direction?
    2. change of media?

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