Distractions and the Hard Stuff

Sometimes life is hard. At least parts of it can be hard. Personally, a lot of my life has been hard, and for many years I fought against that. What I realize now is the hard stuff is in reality opportunities for greater stuff. Yeesh.... If I'd only known then what I know now.

The hard stuff is an opportunity for greater stuff.

When life gets hard it's easy to get distracted. When life gets hard 3 things happen almost instantaneously.

  • our self-talk changes
  • our focus changes
  • progress toward our goals gets off track

Self Talk
Our self-talk changes when things get hard. Instead of thinking about possible solutions and breakthrough, our stress level goes up and we begin having unproductive thoughts. They might be frustration at people who won't do what we need them to do. (Oh my. Isn't this a topic to explore!) Our thoughts might list the "I can't" reasons. Whatever the root, these thoughts are unproductive because they are solution focused, they are problem focused. In addition, they form negative thought patterns in our brain that are toxic. (Oh yes, another great topic for another day.)

Our focus changes when things get hard. When we get frustrated, fearful, or self-defeated we loose sight of the resources that are readily available to us. We become inward focused because we are looking for the solution and the strength to come from ourselves. It's a lens change that doesn't allow us to see clearly. Our vision is obscured by limiting beliefs, lies, and false expectations.

We are all created for purpose, good works, joy in our lives. When our self-talk changes to negative thinking, when we get a negative lens change and begin looking inward, we get off track from our goals and purposes in life. We are no longer working toward our destiny, we are actually building obstacles that keep us from moving forward.

Getting a Grip
The mindset for hard stuff is that there definitely are things that are hard and in reality you can't do them. The solution we are wise to remember is that through Christ we can do all things. The emphasis is on the word THROUGH. It's not that we can do anything ourselves, but that we can do everything through Christ. It's the through that we need to figure out. This is huge because it keeps our self-talk healthy and productive (no negative thought patterns growing here!)

When we focus on how to let Christ do it through us, we keep our eyes where we can see the resources. We can more easily see the solutions as they come, and they tend to come quickly this way.

Here's the invitation. When you hear your self-talk change, which is our first indicator, ask Jesus to come and do the doing. Let this be your invitation to Him to do it through you.

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