Cease and Desist

One of my mother’s favorite sayings, or commands in this case, was “Cease and Desist!” In other words, stop it right now!

I have a long history of striving, knee-jerk reactions to problems and threats, fears and frustrations. I was not what many might call a powerful person. There is a short verse in the Psalms that gives a similar command as my mother’s. “Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10

In the past several years I have learned to be still. At least more still than I have been in the past. The word “still” in the original Hebrew means: to be lazy, to relax, to cease and desist, to become weak, to leave alone, to let go, etc. You get the idea.

Why would the command be to be lazy and leave a problem alone? The second half of that sentence gives us the answer. “Know that I am God.” There are many names of God, looking in the original text to see which one is noted here will give us more information.

God, in this text, is Elohiym. Elohiym is the word for God when it describes his compassion, graciousness, and faithfulness to His covenant with us. It also includes 1. God’s fullness of power, 2. His Kingly rule, 3. the allusion to the Trinity.

Literally God is saying to us, "Cease and desist, and know that I am the fullness of power".

In the youtube video for this post I shared why the allusion to the Trinity is a very cool part of this. As all powerful Kingly Ruler, Elohiym is in control. Jesus opens the way for us to be in relationship with God, and Holy Spirit in us gives us the connection. The Trinity is all complete here!

The encouragement when we are facing problems, fear, frustration and the temptation to DO SOMETHING, is that Elohiym is asking us to relax and talk to Him about how to respond. The invitation is to relax, to rest in His full power, His authority.

Next time you feel that urge to just do something, take a moment, ask God what He thinks of the situation, and ask Him how He wants you to respond. Resources, opportunities, and refreshing are on their way.

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