Get to know Anne


Anne B Say is a recognized author, speaker, and coach with over 20 years experience helping others discover and live in their unique God-given identity. She equips and encourages people everywhere to find hope in their circumstances and love the life they’re living.

Anne lives out her mission in two key ways:

As someone who’s own life story included hardship like divorce and trauma, Anne is not immune to the struggles of everyday life. That’s why Anne coaches people of all ages to make sense of who they are and what they’ve experienced. Anne helps them gain greater clarity and focus, purpose, and fully live into their destiny.

Anne’s speaking style has been described as the perfect blend of humor, honesty, and insight. She weaves in personal experiences and vivid metaphors to help woman understand God’s truth.

Topics Anne regularly speaks on include

  • “Make Up Your Mindset”

  • “Live YOUR life”

  • “Brave Boundaries.”

Anne is a wife, mother, step-mother, grandmother (Mimi), step-grandmother, retired teacher, struggling gardener, and avid reader. She loves to laugh, sing, be outside, watch movies, and hang out with her adorable husband, Terry. 

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