The Other Man.

Everything changed when I met another man.

It was obvious to those in my life that I wanted a relationship. I truly thought I was fine. My relationship with Jesus was incredible. I was happy, content, and clueless.

I met him one weekend. It was a Saturday night.

You're Free To Go

Have you ever done one of those visual exercises when you stare at a picture until you see the second picture hidden within the first? That is a great explanation of how I spent most of my life.  I kept looking at the first picture, unaware of the hidden one, and unable to see it.

part 2 Dreams & Learning to Thrive

There are two ways to look at life. Grab everything it has to offer, or let it take everything out of you.

For many years I worked and labored at life. Subconsciously I was going through every day just trying to survive. I wasn’t even aware of my mindset. It was where I started my day, where I ended my day, and I had no idea there was anything else.

What is this?

The nation of Israel had just come out of slavery, 400 years of bondage to another nation. In a dramatic scene worthy of a big screen action adventure movie, Jehovah God rescued them.

For 400 years they had been enslaved in a foreign land with foreign customs. Their identity had not only been challenged, their captors had attempted to redefine them.